Chris "sMUrF" MCPHEE
is a creative director
at Green Beret Media, located
in Lorton, VA.

Chris has extensive expertise in image capture, video production, and project management.

Chris was born and raised in Miami-Dade County, Florida, but moved to the Washington

D.C. Metro area after retiring from the United States Army.  Chris is a 21-year Army Veteran and a former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret. 

current PROJECTS & clients 

"Kingdom From"
Written by Schreiner
Recorded & Produced by Green Beret Media
Copyright 2018.
John Schreiner-Guitar/Vocals, Jay Glaspy-Bass,
Zach Miller-Drums

Schreiner Music - Schreiner is a Rock & Blues band based in the Washington D.C. area that is led by Vocalist/Guitarist John Schreiner. Schreiner is a band that thrives on performing live. The band is composed of professional musicians from the D.C. music scene.  Schreiner ensures that their audience get the full "LIVE Experience."

LISTEN NOW - DOWNLOAD their new single, "Sway" from iTunes.

COMING SOON!! - THE PROJECT MANAGER'S LIFESTYLE PODCAST - Hosted by Chris "SMURF" McPhee, PMP.  The Project Manager's Lifestyle PODCAST is Chris' UGLY BABY.  This podcast will feature real people that are pursuing their "BIG LIFE PROJECT."  They will tell their STORY; give you exclusive access to their LIFE PLANS and how they are fulfilling the role as a PROJECT MANAGER.  

Download Coming Soon! 


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Erick Rodriguez - Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and United States Army Veteran. 

Xen Live - Xen Live is an Northern Virginia based entertainment, production, and event planning company run by professional musicians and artists with a keen understanding of special event, music production, and project management principles.

The After Action Review (AAR) PODCAST - The After Action Review (AAR) is all about Veteran entrepreneurs! These Veterans are making their mark on the world by taking a chance at owning their own business or running a non-profit for some terrific causes. They share their experiences and lessons learned from the military and how they're bringing all of that to their entrepreneurial endeavors. These are their stories, from military service to entrepreneurship.